My philosophy is that I am finally stepping into my own light and ‘owning’ what I know to be true. I am destined to support, cheerlead, challenge, inspire, and empower you – while holding you accountable with a gentle and firm 'hold your feet to the fire' approach!

Life is messy, awkward, and at times relentless, but there comes a point when the risk of staying comfortable is so unbearable that change must occur. What is it costing you to stay stuck? 

I will sit alongside you in vulnerability, discomfort, and curiosity and then boldly explore with you the feelings that bubble up and how staying stuck is impacting your life; recognizing that even in the harshest conditions and times, rejuvenation, growth, and new perspectives can be discovered. Just like nature rejuvenates and transforms itself, people are meant to evolve and create life that is nurturing, abundant, and unique. For me, coaching means supporting, empowering, and challenging people to energize their life and live life to the fullest, even during difficult times. What needs rejuvenating in your life? What one small step can you make to work towards change?