With unparalleled and unconditional support, I work with you to discover and cultivate the career of your dreams and help you find the light within you that allows you to truly shine.

Stop living in the fog – Stop living a mediocre, safe, boring life - find your light and light yourself from the inside out.

Together, we can get you out of that crummy, unfulfilling, life sucking, toxic job and into a career and onto a career path of fulfillment and success. I will challenge your ‘oh I can’t do that’ or ‘I am not confident enough’ or ‘I couldn’t say no’ chorus that has been ringing in your head and playing the same old tune forever.

Are you the type that feels anxious and antsy knowing Monday morning is around the corner? Do you wake up every morning not wanting to go to work? If so, why do you keep doing it? What makes you stay? Money, security, scared of change, the team that you work with?

I embrace difficult conversations, discomfort, and all-around difficult situations. WHY? Because career transition is uncomfortable, problematic, and an all-round risky business but in order for YOU to move forward, change must occur.

I know that career indecision and flux is disconcerting, uncomfortable, and nerve-wracking. As your coach, I will listen, support, and encourage you to go outside your comfort zone while asking you powerful inquisitive questions. I will keep you focused on what you have said is important to you and hold you accountable for it. Together, we will get clarity around your goals and manage that inner self-critic that is keeping you from going after what you want.

When you are ready, I will be right beside you as you
create a new career path unlike any other.