What is it costing you?

Change is inevitable. Trying to be comfortable with the uncomfortable is something that we as humans, seem to manage, albeit not well. It is in our DNA to adapt to change – whether it is changing jobs, moving to another city, starting a new career, or adapting to life’s curve balls.

Much has been said about ‘keeping the status quo’ and not ‘rocking the boat’, yet it is in the discomfort of the change that we either dig in our heels or vow to make a change as something has got to give. If digging in our heels has successfully worked in the past and then more digging in will likely happen as more changes occur. Some people become master’s at ignoring and masking the pain.

Others vow to make a change as the status quo is too high a price to pay. The question then becomes what are the risks and how to manage the costs associated with the change. It is incredible what people are willing to put up with in order to avoid change.

What I now know, is that the price of not changing becomes too high as the erosion, although subtle, wears you down to a point that you do not even recognize yourself and your life…..

As Jack Canfield writes “All the good stuff is outside our comfort zone” and those words scare me, in a good way. What is outside YOUR comfort zone? What is possible in that uncomfortable area? What are you missing out on? 

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