As leadership development is about you and your team, it is imperative to identify who you are on a good day and a not so good day.

Through examining who you are presently and who you actually want to be, I empower people to get out of their own way to achieve what they want and be the best leader they can be. 

Being a Certified Hogan Assessment practitioner, I am able to work with clients and take a deeper dive into the light and dark side of your personality and how you show up on your best and worst days. How do you handle company ‘politics’? What is your go to coping strategy when organizational change is impacting your team? What are your ethical leadership values? Through leadership coaching and drilling down into the Hogan assessment results, I help you understand your leadership style and the resulting impact for yourself and your team. 

Most people will work in a variety of different professions and for many organizations throughout their career, and yet the common denominator of leadership development is about YOU. What does your ideal leader look like? What kind of leader do you want to be? 

What I have learned throughout my career is that you need to understand what your values are and what your true strengths are otherwise, no matter how hard you try, the results will be less than ideal. Coaching for leadership development will flow into how you show up in your personal life and will reverberate throughout all your interactions with others. So, are you ready to take on the challenge of solidifying your leadership role?

When you are ready, I will be right beside you as you discover the true leader within you.