Resiliency & The Lasting Impact


As the leaves start to turn and temperatures start to fall, I am reflecting on the last 6 months of being in Covid-19 lockdown and what I know now. Covid has certainly brought ups and downs for the entire world; some businesses and industries are booming and other businesses have had to close their doors, organizations have had to shift how they deliver their products and services while others sank because of the inability to manoeuvre, while other companies have had to let their people go because there just isn’t any foreseeable end to the pandemic.

What has become abundantly clear is the dancing needed around the prospect of resiliency as people try to create some sort of normalcy for themselves and their families. We can all become complacent and set in our ways and we as humans, try to resort back to our comfortable ‘status quo’ as soon as possible to quell the interruption and ensure a safe conclusion. What Covid has highlighted is the depth and degree that resiliency is needed to outlast and out manoeuvre something beyond our control and at times, our comprehension.

So, as we turn another corner in the Covid19 pandemic (with numbers back on the rise) and flowing into a new season, how have you surprised yourself in your resiliency? What lens/perspective have you been able to look at differently? What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t before?

For me, I am able to see now through a wider lens of how I can better serve my clients, teams, and organizations in their time of need. I am able to see now that resiliency is measured in not how fast you get back up but rather, what you learned and how you use that knowledge. There are many hard lessons to be learned during this time and yet, there are also many great gifts and little nuggets of gold, if you only take the time to look at them in a different light.