Conflict is uncomfortable. There is no denying that.

Conflict also provides an opportunity to grow and move past the issue for greater understanding and compassion for oneself and others.  Being able to understand where your own feelings are hurt and yet being able to ‘hear’ a different perspective of how the other person feels, is a powerful place to sit. I provide the middle ground for both parties to listen, engage, and come out with the best and mutually acceptable agreement between parties.

With conflict coaching, both parties meet in a mutually acceptable location that allows everyone to feel at ease and allows communication to be shared in a neutral environment. As your conflict coach, I create an open and safe space for all parties to be heard. I ensure that parties understand that mutual respect and communication are critical to a beneficial outcome and is required. By setting the foundation for the session, a greater understanding and engagement can occur to help resolve the conflict.

Conflict is part of life. Being upset and mad at someone who you disagree with, is a choice. What is it costing you to stay in conflict? What is your payoff?

When you are ready, I will generate an opportunity for open communication and resolution.